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Together with Fox Bassoons Australia founder, John Cran, we have been promoting and selling these fine quality bassoons in this country since the 1980s. The Fox and Renard bassoons range from basic models suitable for beginners, through to top professional-quality instruments. The models shown here are our best-sellers but contact us to order any Fox or Renard model with any of the keywork options available. We also support your purchase by offering periodic servicing and supplying Fox parts and accessories, as required.

Renard Model 51 – Contact us for latest price

Short-reach keywork design for younger students or those with small hands.Photos show modifications from Fox standard keywork. Durable polypropylene body. Ideal for primary school music programs. IN STOCK NOW

Renard Model 41 – Contact us for latest price

Ideal student instrument. Best choice for schools.Excellent tone and intonation. Durable polypropylene body. Plateau key for 3rd finger LH, overcoming what can be an awkward stretch. IN STOCK NOW!

Renard Model 222D – Contact us for latest price

The perfect student wooden bassoon. Top quality craftsmanship at a very affordable price. Silver plated keywork, French bell ring, high D key. Price now includes balance hanger.   IN STOCK NOW

Renard Artist Model 240D – Contact us for latest price

Beautiful short-bore semi-pro model at our special discount price. Extras now include high E key, balance hanger, Ab-Bb trill key, rollers on low C and D keys. BACK IN STOCK SOON

Fox 601D – Contact us for latest price

Top-of-the-range fully-professional model. Many options available to suit your preference. Superb workmanship and beautiful rich sound. Special order only.

All prices include GST and are quoted in Australian dollars. Contact us for GST-free prices for schools.

For further information, or to try these fine instruments, please contact us.

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