Bassoon straps and harnesses

Seat Strap Ring

Designed to enable the use of a seat strap where there is no hole in the bassoon’s boot cup. This ring is adjustable and fits around any bassoon boot cup. The seat strap just hooks into the ring. Suits any brand of bassoon.

Zappatini ‘Easy’ Bassoon Harness

Zappatini ‘Easy” Harness. Distributes weight evenly across the shoulders. Made in Switzerland. (Photo show harness used with saxophone but is equally suitable for bassoon)

Protec Harness

Protec A317 deluxe padded bassoon harness. Comfortable and easy to adjust.

BG Bassoon Harness, small

High quality harness, made in France. Ideal for children.

BG Leather Seat Strap, adjustable

High quality leather strap. Easy to adjust to exactly the right length.

Leather Seat Strap for Bassoon

Black leather seat strap with hook

Zappatini Synthesis Harness

Swiss designed and made. This harness enables freedom of movement, correct posture and unrestricted breathing. Suitable for both male and female bassoonists. Available in black or white, standard, small and large.