Leather tool-case

Black leather tool case, roll-up style. A convenient way to carry your most important reed tools. Usually selling for $49.50, now at a SPECIAL PRICE  of $33 

Tool Kit B

Add Tool Kit B to make up your own reeds from blanks: long forming mandrel, brass wire, trimming knife, binding thread, glue, drying board, easel, cutting block, plus 20 pieces of gouged, shaped, profiled and scored cane. Includes container.

Tool Kit A

Adjust your reeds using Tool Kit A:leather tool case containing pliers, spiral reamer, diamond-coated reamer, scraping knife, mandrel, reed tongue and sandpaper.

Reed tongue

Plastic reed tongues suitable for bassoon and contra reeds. Choice of red, black or blue. The blue reed tongue is transparent, so can be held up to a light to see the blade profile.