Fox Bassoon Case (older style)

2nd-hand Fox bassoon case, older rectangular style, as-new condition.

Seat Strap Ring

Designed to enable the use of a seat strap where there is no hole in the bassoon’s boot cup. This ring is adjustable and fits around any bassoon boot cup. The seat strap just hooks into the ring. Suits any brand of bassoon.

Kolbl Bassoon Case

German-made Kolbl bassoon case, hard shell, can be worn as a back pack. Black, with small Fox logo. Special price.

2nd-hand Renard 222D

2nd-hand Renard 222D bassoon. Price includes dark blue Marcus Bonna case and balance hanger. Some minor deterioration to the surface of the silver plating in places, otherwise in excellent condition. SOLD

Renard Protege Model 333 Oboe

The Renard Protege Model 333 is an ideal instrument for beginning oboe players. its excellent tone quality, resonance and intonation satisfy the most discerning students, parents and teachers. Fox’s well-known robust and reliable keywork, along with a durable plastic resin body, ensure the oboe will have a long life and perform reliably in any environment. SPECIAL AUSTRALIAN INTRODUCTORY PRICE


Plastic resin body

Keywork made of nickel silver with heavy silver plating

Stainless steel arbors and wire springs

Teflon tipped stainless steel adjusting screws

High quality cork pads on low C and above

High quality bladder pads on low B and Bb keys

Modified Conservatory System

Left hand F key

F resonance mechanism

Solid C# mechanism

Low Bb key


Leather tool-case

Black leather tool case, roll-up style. A convenient way to carry your most important reed tools. Usually selling for $49.50, now at a SPECIAL PRICE  of $33 

2nd-hand Lafleur bassoon

2nd-hand Lafleur bassoon, good condition, plays well. Price includes new smart, easy to carry Tom and Will gig bag. Also included: new leather cup style Kolbl seat strap.

Crook case for 4 crooks

Protec crook case for up to 4 crooks. Keep your valuable crooks safe in this case, which fits into external pockets on most bassoon cases/gig bags.

2nd-hand Renard Artist Model 240D

2nd-hand Renard Artist Model 240D. Semi-pro bassoon with lovely tone, in excellent condition. Left-hand whisper key lock, high E key. De Luxe case, case cover with large pocket for music. Suitable for advanced/tertiary student or serious community player. Great opportunity at this price. SOLD

2nd-hand Puchner Jubilee Bassoon

2nd-hand Puchner Jubilee model bassoon. Excellent condition, full rich tone, good intonation. Includes Marcus Bonna case. A professional level, German-made bassoon at an affordable price.  SOLD

The Art of Bassoon Playing

The Art of Bassoon Playing by William Spencer, revised by Frederick Mueller. First published in 1958, this book remains the best source of information on how to play the bassoon. Invaluable for students, it also provides essential information for non-bassoon-playing music teachers to help them guide their students correctly.

The Contra-Bassoon

The Contra-Bassoon, A guide to Performance, by Cornelia Anderson Biggers. A very informative book with chapters on posture and equipment, fingering, tone production, reeds, instrument repair and performance problems.

The Tenor Clef

The Tenor Clef by William R Higgins. Bassoon parts frequently employ the tenor clef so learning this clef is a must for bassoon students. This book features Weissenborn and Verroust studies, rewritten in tenor clef, to aid students in understanding and reading this clef.

Tips and Tricks for Bassoon Reeds

Tips and Tricks for Bassoon Reeds by Holger Simon and Johann Rieger. Expert advice on how to blow-in, adjust, scrape and generally care for your reeds.Excellent illustrations throughout.

66 Great Tunes for Bassoon

66 Great Tunes arranged for Bassoon by Mark Walton. A wonderful selection of great music in easy-to-play arrangements. Composers range from Bach to Joplin. Includes piano accompaniment sheet music on CD, ready to print out. Used extensively in the AMEB bassoon syllabus.

Disinfectant for Reeds

Disinfectant solution for reeds. Easy to use and highly effective against bacteria, viruses and mould. Made in Germany. Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive, no alcohol.

Zappatini ‘Easy’ Bassoon Harness

Zappatini ‘Easy” Harness. Distributes weight evenly across the shoulders. Made in Switzerland. (Photo show harness used with saxophone but is equally suitable for bassoon)

Renard Artist 335 Oboe

The Renard Artist Model 335 is the all-grenadilla version of Fox’s most popular intermediate oboe. This model is known for its outstanding tone quality, resonance, intonation and durability. The addition of a third octave key and Bb vent to the standard keywork make this model ideal for advancing musicians as they grow in both sound production and technical facility. SPECIAL  AUSTRALIAN INTRODUCTORY PRICE


Grenadilla body

Plastic inserts in upper tone holes

Nickel silver keywork with heavy silver plating

Stainless steel arbors and wire springs

Teflon tipped stainless steel adjusting screws

High quality cork pads on low C and above

High quality bladder pads on low B and Bb

Modified Conservatory system

Left hand F key and F resonance mechanism

Low Bb key with resonance vent and third octave key

2nd-hand Renard 222 Bassoon

2nd-hand Renard 222. Very good condition, fully serviced. With hard case and No 2 C Fox crook. SOLD

2nd-hand Renard 222 with added High D key

2nd-hand Renard 222 with high D key. Very good condition.  SOLD