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Together with Fox Bassoons Australia founder, John Cran, we have been promoting and selling these fine quality bassoons in this country since the 1980s. The Fox and Renard bassoons range from basic models suitable for beginners, through to top professional-quality instruments. The models shown here are our best-sellers but contact us to order any Fox or Renard model with any of the keywork options available. We also support your purchase by offering periodic servicing and supplying Fox parts and accessories, as required.

Fox 601D – $42,680.00

Fox 601D

Top-of-the-range fully-professional model. European mountain maple, German bell, Marcus Bonna case, extras including balance hanger. Superb workmanship and beautiful rich sound. IN STOCK NOW!

Renard Model 41 – $7,975.00

Ideal student instrument. Best choice for schools.Excellent tone and intonation. Durable polypropylene body. Plateau key for 3rd finger LH, overcoming what can be an awkward stretch. IN STOCK NOW – BIG DISCOUNT!

Renard Model 41 with added high D key – P.O.A.

A useful upgrade from the standard Renard model 41.

Renard Model 51 – $7,425.00

Short-reach keywork design for younger students or those with small hands.Photos show modifications from Fox standard keywork : phone for more details. Durable polypropylene body. Ideal for primary school music programs. IN STOCK NOW – BIG DISCOUNT!

Renard Model 222D – $9,900.00

The perfect entry level wooden bassoon. Top quality craftsmanship at a very affordable price. Silver plated keywork, French bell ring, high D key, 3rd finger LH plateau key. Price now includes balance hanger.   IN STOCK  – BIG DISCOUNT!

Renard Model 242D – P.O.A.

Superb value short-bore wooden instrument. High D key. Piano key lock. Beautiful tone and intonation. Suit serious student or amateur player.

Renard Artist Model 240D – P.O.A.

Beautiful short-bore semi-pro model. Many extras including high D key, high E key.

Renard Artist Model 220D – $13,625.00

Long-bore, semi-professional bassoon. Ideal for tertiary student or professional.

Second-hand bassoons

Renard 41 bassoon, 2nd-hand – $4,500.00

Renard 41, 2nd-hand

Very good condition, fully serviced. SOLD

Renard 222D bassoon 2nd-hand – $7,995.00

2nd-hand Renard bassoon model 222D. Very good condition. Fully serviced. Price includes black Marcus Bonna case. SOLD

Renard Artist model 240D, second-hand – $11,250.00

2nd-hand Renard Artist Model 240D in near-new condition. SOLD

All prices include GST and are quoted in Australian dollars. Contact us for GST-free prices for schools.

For further information, or to try these fine instruments, please contact us.

Reeds and cane

Reeds and cane

Since 1979, we have been making our bassoon reeds for many customers around the world. For your convenience, we now also stock finest quality European-made contrabassoon  and baroque bassoon reeds.

Student bassoon reeds

Commercial Reeds – $15.00

* Special Offer – limited availability*

Commercial student quality bassoon reeds. Made in the US.

Fagottino – $30.00

Attractive colours. Light and easy to blow. Narrower shape. Smaller bore to fit fagottino crook.

Bassoon reeds

Kool Reeds – $30.00

Easy-blowing reeds suitable for beginners, or those preferring a light reed

MS – $33.00

Medium-soft, burgundy binding

M – $33.00

Medium, yellow binding

MK – $33.00

Medium strength, bright sound, red binding.

MH – $33.00

Medium-hard. New binding colour: silver.

Contrabassoon Reeds – $44.00

Finest quality German-made contrabassoon reeds. Medium strength.

Baroque Bassoon Reeds – $44.00

Baroque Bassoon Reeds. High-quality, European-made

Prepared cane

For those who like to make their own reeds.

Cane: gouged, shaped, profiled and scored – $5.50

Gouged, shaped, profiled and scored cane, ready to make up into your own reeds

All prices GST inclusive and quoted in Australian dollars. Export orders deduct 10% GST. Handling charge of $12.00 per order applies. Additional charges for express delivery or overseas postage.


Bassoon accessories


Reed Case for 6 Reeds – $92.95

Wooden reed case. Holds 6 reeds on tapered mandrel tips. Side airholes for ventilation. Colour choice: maple or mahogany.

Marcus Bonna bassoon cases – $660.00

Amazingly compact, lightweight but strong, we believe this is the best bassoon backpack on the market.(Bassoon is for illustrative purposes only.) Can be worn as a backpack or with the new single shoulder strap option. Plastic rain cover included.In stock now:  black, red, brown, wine, turquoise.

Marcus Bonna leather bassoon cases – $825.00

Make a statement with one of these stylish leather cases! Can be worn as a backpack or with the new single shoulder strap option. Plastic rain cover included. Phone or email us to order.

Tom and Will Gig Bag – $325.00

Smart, well-designed and easy to carry, this soft gig bag weighs just 1.72kg. Colours available: grey, dark blue or burgundy. IN STOCK NOW.

Reed case for three reeds – $27.50

Elegant case with black imitation leather cover

Rico Bassoon Reed Case – $20.00

Rico reed case for 5 bassoon reeds. Airtight, self-regulates humidity. Includes 2-way humidity control pack.



Folding Bassoon Stand – 255.00

Lightweight and compact but sturdy. No removable screws or pins.

Carry Bag for Bassoon Stand – 33.00

Carry bag for the folding bassoon stand

Contra Bassoon Stand – $220.00

Contrabassoon Stand

Straps and Harnesses

Leather Seat Strap for Bassoon – $22.00

Black leather seat strap with hook

Zappatini Synthesis Harness – $150.00

Swiss designed and made. This harness enables freedom of movement, correct posture and unrestricted breathing. Suitable for both male and female bassoonists. Available in standard, small and large.

Protec Harness – $50.95

Protec A317 deluxe padded bassoon harness. Comfortable and easy to adjust.

BG Bassoon Harness, small – $59.95

High quality harness, made in France. Ideal for children.

BG Leather Seat Strap, adjustable – $55.95

High quality leather strap. Easy to adjust to exactly the right length.

Cleaning Cloths

Silk Pull-through Bassoon Cleaner – $33.00

Highly absorbent, goes through wing and boot joints

BG Cleaning Swab – $66.95

Made from bamboo/silk, this pull-through cleans both the wing and boot joints.

BG Care Glove, microfibre – $20.95

Remove dirt and fingerprints from your bassoon after playing with this easy-to-use care glove from BG.


Balance Hanger for Bassoon – $110

Balance hanger will fit Fox/Renard and most other brands. Simple screw fitting with no requirement to drill hole into bassoon body. Balances the instrument when using a harness or neck strap, taking weight off the left hand.

Cork Grease – $5.50

Cork grease (stick)

Reed tongue, black – $3.30

Fox Bassoon Accessories

We supply the full range of Fox parts and accessories. POA

All prices GST inclusive and quoted in Australian dollars.


Reed-making tools and accessories

We supply reed-making tools and accessories from Georg Rieger and Reeds ‘n Stuff.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or view our product range below.


Tool Kit A – $460.00

Adjust your reeds using Tool Kit A:leather tool case containing pliers, spiral reamer, diamond-coated reamer, scraping knife, mandrel, reed tongue and sandpaper.

Tool Kit B – $305.00

Add Tool Kit B to make up your own reeds from blanks: long forming mandrel, brass wire, trimming knife, binding thread, glue, drying board, easel, cutting block, plus 20 pieces of gouged, shaped, profiled and scored cane. Includes container.


Bassoon music

Trio for bassoon, clarinet and piano – $22.00

Presenting the acclaimed world premiere recording of William Hurlstone’s Trio for bassoon, clarinet and piano. Enjoy this beautiful CD of romantic English music, played by Peter Musson (bassoon), Murray Khouri (clarinet) and Stephen Emmerson (piano). Available for $22 from Musson Bassoon Reeds.

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