Reeds and cane

Since 1979, we have been making our bassoon reeds for many customers around the world. For your convenience, we now also stock finest quality European-made contrabassoon  and baroque bassoon reeds.

Student bassoon reeds

Fagottino – $30.00

Attractive colours. Light and easy to blow. Narrower shape. Smaller bore to fit fagottino crook.

Bassoon reeds

Kool Reeds – $30.00

Easy-blowing reeds suitable for beginners, or those preferring a light reed

MS – $33.00

Medium-soft, burgundy binding

M – $33.00

Medium, yellow binding

MK – $33.00

Medium strength, bright sound, red binding.

MH – $33.00

Medium-hard. New binding colour: silver.

Contrabassoon Reeds – $44.00

Finest quality German-made contrabassoon reeds. Medium strength.

Baroque Bassoon Reeds – $46.75

Baroque Bassoon Reeds. High-quality, European-made

Prepared cane

For those who like to make their own reeds.

Cane: gouged, shaped, profiled and scored – $5.50

Gouged, shaped, profiled and scored cane, ready to make up into your own reeds

All prices GST inclusive and quoted in Australian dollars. Export orders deduct 10% GST. Handling charge of $12.00 per order applies. Additional charges for express delivery or overseas postage.

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