Renard 41

New Fox bassoon arrived and is terrific.

Jason Digby, Carey Baptist Grammar School

Renard 222D

Dominique had her music lesson this morning and the new 222D had its first hit out. Dominique was over the moon with it. The instrument sounded wonderful so thank you for all your help.

Tim Mirabella, Victoria.


Thanks again for my recent bassoon service. I am loving playing without the constant clicking of noisy keys!

Allison Pollard, Victoria

Renard 41

The bassoon (Renard 41)has arrived here safe and sound. We’ve got one very excited boy! Thank you for your wonderful service.

Heidi Zerk, South Australia

Fox 680D

The 680D is going beautifully. It has an amazing low register, and it’s really nice to play. Love playing it so much, glad I got this instrument.

Lizz Affleck, Royal Military College, Duntroon

Renard 41s

Thank you so much, the girls are thrilled to bits with their new Bassoons!

Renard 222D

Am loving my new bassoon. Thank you very much.

Ainslie Smith, NSW

Vanessa Clark, Tasmania

I have just received my 3 new bassoon reeds and they are so pretty! AND, they are all fabulous to play! Thank you for taking bassoon accessorising to a whole new level! 

Stephen Draper

Sleek and silent, great job……

Stephen Draper, NSW

Alannah Gould

Very, very good — I’m extremely pleased.

Richard Chandler

Better than new!

Sophie Meagher

Miraculous – no more clicks! Can’t believe I let it go so long.

Alison Evans

My bassoon is playing fantastically after the service!

Penny Fraser

My bassoon is playing like a dream since the overhaul you gave it!

Claire Ramuscak

Before Peter serviced my Puchner bassoon, I was really struggling with intonation and some aspects of technique. Peter was able to adjust my instrument so it was much easier and more consistent in these areas. I particularly liked how he adjusted the height of my vent keys. Overall it felt like I was playing a new instrument!

Fiona Hooper

Awesome! I had no idea how badly my bassoon needed an overhaul. I am so very happy with it now.

Leah Stephenson

I trust Peter to take care of my Heckel and wouldn’t send it to anyone else in Australia. It’s good to have someone who really understands about bassoons.

Ross Nicholson

I am very pleased with the work you have done on my Fox bassoon. High register is as it should be with a rich dark tone that projects well, as is the lower register with rich low notes coming easily. The keywork is now quiet whilst I play. The key heights are very good for my small hands and once again well matched with a good feel. I would recommend you to any other bassoonists for your excellent workmanship as well as your care and consideration for the deadline given to finish the job

David Whitbread

I now realise I have been compensating and making allowances for the bassoon for a long time – it’s so much easier to play since Peter’s overhaul. It is simply a delight to play again – and its responsiveness is so immediate.