Renard Model 41 – $9,250.00 inc GST

Ideal student instrument. Best choice for schools. Excellent tone and intonation. Durable polypropylene body. Plateau key for 3rd finger LH, overcoming what can be an awkward stretch. Take advantage of our discount price. IN STOCK NOW!  

BORE – Long bore
BODY – Polypropylene. German bell (white ring). Body lock. Metal tubes extending into bore in finger holes on wing joint.
KEYWORK – Nickel silver key castings and machined key parts. Nickel plating.  Full German-system keywork.
Wing joint: 3rd finger LH plateau key.
Long joint: Rollers on Eb and Db.
Boot joint: Rollers on F and Ab keys
CROOKS – Nos 1 and 2, C bore
ACCESSORIES – New-look Fox case; can be worn as a backpack. Handrest, reed, reedcase, seat strap. Pull-through cleaners, care cloth.