Renard Model 51 – $12,340.00 inc GST

Short-reach keywork design for younger students or those with small hands. Photos show modifications from Fox standard keywork. Durable polypropylene body. Ideal for primary or middle school music programs. IN STOCK NOW!


BORE – long bore

BODY – Polypropylene. German bell (white ring). Body lock. Metal tubes extending into bore in finger holes on wing joint. Choice of special low palm guard for small hands, or standard hand rest.

KEYWORK – Nickel silver key castings. Nickel plating. All posts set in epoxy. Spring posts locked with screws.

Wing joint: No high D octave key. 3rd finger LH plateau key to reduce finger stretch

Long joint: Eb and Db moved closer to other keys. Rollers on Eb and Db keys

Boot: No C# trill key. No thumb G#. No Bb trill key. Keys moved closer together to eliminate wide stretches. Rollers on F and Ab keys

CROOKS – Nos 1 and 2, C bore.

ACCESSORIES – New-look Fox case; can be worn as backpack. Reed, reedcase, seat strap. Pull-through cleaners, care cloth.

NB The Renard 51 is suitable for younger students whose hands are too small to play standard bassoon keywork. For general school use, the Renard 41 is the preferred option.