Fox Bassoons Australia – Bassoons for sale

Fox and Renard bassoons are fully manufactured in Indiana, USA, ensuring the finest materials and quality of workmanship, and each instrument is professional tested prior to leaving the factory. Together with Fox Bassoons Australia founder, John Cran, we have been promoting and selling these fine quality bassoons in this country since the 1980s. The Fox and Renard bassoons range from basic models suitable for beginners, through to top professional-quality instruments. Fox contrabassoons are also renowned world-wide. Best-sellers are usually in stock in Brisbane but contact us to order any Fox or Renard model with any of the keywork options available. We also support your purchase by supplying Fox parts and accessories and can arrange periodic service to maintain your instrument in top playing condition.

Follow this link for a brief history of Fox Products and a fascinating insight into the complex manufacturing process:

Student Bassoons

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